Madalina Tataru: A brands’ activity needs many Checks, same as a human being, in order to be Healthy



Madalina Tataru is Data & Analysis Manager Digitas Romania, she is an advertising lover, digital at heart, with a touch of curiosity stolen from the faculty she has graduated: Journalism and Communication Sciences, University of Bucharest.

The experience gathered from working with various brands has taught her one always has to be connected, to find out all the cool stuff, all the new tools & platforms available for brands, in order to be there at the right moment, with one step ahead others. She simply loves the magic of a good analysis, of how much real-time data can do for a brand, and always chooses to gather informed conclusions and recommendations.

Madalina shared from her experience with brands’ communication in the material below.


All the people were a bit more active on the internet during 2020, the pandemic year, and brands tested new strategic ways of communication, starting to change their pillars, their topics, and their on-going presence. Not being constant and present for the “present people” can cause a big decrease when talking about the health of a brand. Even on summertime, the most relaxed period for brands and people.

Starting with this in mind, a brands’ activity needs many checks, same as a human being in order to be healthy. Brands need data that is current, in real time and reflect what’s happening right at the time, not weeks or months ago. Data that is fresh and real, data that reflects what happens TODAY.

During this period of time, we’ve seen so many trends, changes and amazing ideas that we were wondering if it’s necessary to analyze a bit in depth the health of all those brads, especially top media advertising spenders for each category analyzed in present: auto, finance, telecom, diy, retail, soft drinks, pharmacies, clinics.

A solution here might be the help of Digital Health Index, this “New Age” kind of metric Integrating millions of data points and multiple data tools. In real-time. Offering strategic visualizations for making informed strategic decisions.


Be real, follow the data, and find the solution to a problem, all in real time. It’s very important to keep tracking the data both from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Here’s an example for AUTO category, JUNE 2021 analysis.



More specific, by knowing the volume of searches on the internet, you will know the consumers’ interest in your brand. And afterwards you’ll personalize easily your messages, talking exactly with the right customers, the ones you want to attract.

Always highlight the visibility of brands compared to the number of mentions and find out the positive engagements from social media, then you can contextualize your brands’ posts and messages.

Follow the results, build a healthy workflow by analyzing your campaigns, your results, reactions, positive or negative feedbacks. This is the best way for brands to be there, to respond to their customers’ needs, always.




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